Social Media and all it’s benefits for businesses is now at the forefront of marketing tools with a considerable amount of engagement and interaction being achieved within these tools.

For me, a key strategy should be about using these social media tools to drive traffic to your website – afterall this is where you have the best chance of converting interaction into bookings or sales.

A blog hosted on your business website is the perfect hub for social media content as each blog post can be shared easily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and significantly it also benefits the content of your website and therefore ranking within search engines.

The great thing is that these social media tools all work in well together to benefit your business – if you have built up a great following on Facebook for example than posting links of your blog articles on Facebook will no doubt effectively drive traffic to your website provided your content is interesting and meaningful to your followers.

So if you were to think of social media tools as a gathering of friends for social chit chat, then your website/blog should be considered your place – i.e. party central.

One more thing…if you plan on inviting friends to your place for a party – don’t bore them by talking all about yourself, make it fun, relevant and interesting so they will tell their friends how great you are…