Why I Recommend Mailchimp for Small Business Email Marketing

I don’t usually go out of my way to blog about particular brands or businesses, but I like using Mailchimp as an effective email marketing tool so much that I think it’s worth sharing with business owners or marketing specialists.

The main reason being that is really is EASY to use. Mailchimp have gone out to their way to design an interface and online tools that make it simple to set up and manage your own email marketing campaigns – from the design right through to the reporting of the campaign statistics. You don’t have to be a designer or marketing whizz to use this tool.

And to top it all off for most small business owners use of this tool will be completely FREE. Cost only kicks in as your email marketing needs and database gets bigger – for example it will only start costing you once have 2,000 email subscribers on your list and you wish to send emails to more than 12,000 email addresses per month. Even then it’s reasonable cost and the pricing is flexible to suit too – you can opt for set monthly fees or pay as you go credits.

Here are some of the things I especially like about Mailchimp:

  • It’s very easy to upload email addresses to Mailchimp – you can simply copy and paste a list from excel for example or upload a spreadsheet or file
  • There are many design template options and it’s fairly easy to customise any design to include your own colours, logo and images
  • Every task is easy to go through and complete with clear step by step processes and it’s easy to go back and make any changes
  • Once you have set up a design template and a campaign you can easily replicate these for future campaigns making it quick to send our new emails to your database
  • Once an email has been sent out to your database you can view and track detailed results and statistics straight away. This information is so useful to understand how successful your email marketing efforts are and what works better (or worse)
  • They offer online training and webinars for beginners to get you started
  • Mailchimp offers an iPhone app for tracking your email campaigns from your phone
  • There are some nice social media integration tools to help make it easy for your email marketing efforts to be shared online

Overall the functionality offered by Mailchimp is matched by any other high profile email marketing tools available but I think this one is particularly useful for the small businesses who can’t afford to pay professional designers or agencies to manage their email marketing for them but still gives them a professional and cost effective way to do it themselves.

So give it a go yourself, it’s so easy a monkey could use it!

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