Tourism Webcams in Action

Webcams have become a great way to promote destinations throughout New Zealand and so are serving as an invaluable tool for travellers, tourism operators and RTO’s. Not only do they give an accurate and up to date views of the location, they also serve to provide valuable scenes of the weather as it happens – an important ingredient for travellers and tourism operators.

Do you have an iconic or simply stunning view from your business or property? It’s worth considering whether a webcam at your location, could be part of your marketing mix that can drive traffic to your website. Tourism operators of any type and RTO’s can showcase their views and location as an information tool to visitors helping to make the vital booking decision.

There are a few Northland webcams from SnapitHD (used on the website) that as a tourism business Salt Air uses daily to check weather conditions on where we are flying to, this has really helped our business in terms of operational decision making. The time lapse images enhance the applications even further.

Other than that webcams can simply be stunning to look at – the Mt Cook webcam has to be one of the most stunning examples (when the weather’s good of course…)

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