Accommodation Online Channel Management Options

Online Booking Channel Management for AccommodationOne of the biggest concerns for accommodation providers when wanting to sell their rooms online is how to avoid double bookings when selling live “realtime” inventory across multiple booking channel websites.

The solution for most is use of “Channel Management” internet based software that will automatically update pricing and inventory across these key channels by linking the systems together (usually via an API link).

Not only does channel management eliminate the risk of double bookings, it also allows operators to achieve broad exposure for their business internationally and increase their total bookings…a no brainer really.

Increasingly mainstream Property Management System’s (PMS) will link to update the channel manager for you, so keep this in mind when selecting a PMS.

Some channel managers won’t require a link to an automated property management system so these ones can be just as applicable for B&B’s as they are for hotels, motels, and Backpacker accommodation.

Some key Channel Managers relevant for New Zealand accommodation are:


  • Australian based with one of the most comprehensive lists of channels that it updates relevant for both NZ and Australian accommodation operators.
  • Prices start from $49 per month
  • They also offer a booking system for your website called the “Booking Button” from $29 per month
  • Can use their channel manager without a PMS
  • They have recently implemented a NZ freephone number to improve direct support for NZ operators


  • A 100% NZ based option with a growing list of key NZ and international booking channels that it updates
  • Seekom is primarily an online booking solution but has been expanding it’s software capability and now offer a full PMS, along with channel management and content managed website solutions.
  • You can use Seekom Channel Management option on it’s own from $39 per month and is even more cost effective to use it in combination with their online booking system and other solutions.
  • Recently been chosen as the preferred channel manager for the HAPNZ group


  • Another NZ owned organisation offering an internet based online booking system for your website and channel management. They also provide website design and SEO services.
  • They can link to some the common PMS’s used in NZ
  • Set monthly fees, (pricing not published on their website)


  • Australian based with links to global channels, they offer channel management and an online booking tool for your own website that can also link to some PMS’s (although at this stage they are not key NZ based ones). Their channels tend to be Australian and Globally focused so exclude some key NZ channels.
  • Set monthly fees (not published on their website)

Have you got any more information about these channel management options or other options you think are relevant? Leave a comment to let us know.