Tourism Operators Should Offer Free Wireless Internet

freewifiOne of the most frustrating things for travellers in New Zealand is the lack of accessible free wireless internet. I think it is an obvious opportunity for tourism operators, particularly accommodation, to turn this around and make it easy for their customers to be online. It is actually quite embarrassing that New Zealand is so backward with infrastructure to provide this freely to domestic and international travellers.

For the cafes, motels, hotels, B&B’s and so on that currently do offer their guests free wireless internet access – good on you! I hope you promote this service strongly and get more business as a result. For those that don’t, do it now – it should be part of your service and built into your rates, don’t annoy your customers by charging them extra.

Let’s get our travellers online as much as possible so they can share their experiences with others easily and promote New Zealand for us – it’s obvious isn’t it?