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Tourism Webcams in Action

Webcams have become a great way to promote destinations throughout New Zealand and so are serving as an invaluable tool for travellers, tourism operators and RTO’s.

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The Evolution to 100% Pure You

The latest campaign by Tourism NZ has evolved the 100% Pure brand with a noticeable shift in focus to connect at an emotional level highlighting things travellers can experience in New Zealand

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Handling Customer Disputes and Learning From it

There are times, despite best intentions, where any tourism business has to handle customer disputes. Regardless of the cause of dissatisfaction there are always things you can learn to help avoid them again.

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Content Ideas for Tourism Business Facebook Page

10 Content Ideas for Your Tourism Business Facebook Page

Starting at a new blank Facebook Page doesn’t really get people interested to “Like” your page – so before you start promoting it to your customers and friends add a nice variety of content to get it off to a good start.

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Online Advertising

Should You Pay to List on Websites?

Time and time again businesses get emailed with some sort of offer to list on a website to promote their themselves with promises of better search engine rankings and increased website traffic.

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Things You Should Know About Your Website

A look at some of the key website statistics you should track and monitor to help with effective online marketing decisions.

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Online Booking Channel Management for Accommodation

Accommodation Online Channel Management Options

One of the biggest concerns for accommodation providers when wanting to sell their rooms online is how to avoid double bookings when selling live “realtime” inventory across multiple booking channel websites.

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mobile travel bookings

The Challenge of Mobile Travel and Bookings

The advent of mobile travel applications for smart phones and iPhone apps is obviously an exciting new direction for travellers and the tourism industry. But how far off is it before it becomes a key way to book and pay for travel?

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There’s Nothing Like Australia TV Ad

The new TV ad for the “There’s nothing like Australia” campaign has been released and is already causing plenty of negative feedback from the Australia public – what do you think?

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Foursquare for tourism

Foursquare and Tourism: Another New Social Media Tool

Foursquare, the latest new and free location-based social media tool based on mobile device use that is taking off. Is it useful for tourism businesses and destination marketing?

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