What Tourism Websites Perform the Best For You?

Best Performing Tourism WebsitesI’m interested to hear from New Zealand tourism operators as to what tourism websites bring them the most traffic and booking enquiries and why. Is there a website that you would absolutely always maintain a listing on (free or not)?

I quite often monitor the website statistics for tourism clients to see where their traffic sources are coming from so we can make decisions on where to best spend marketing money for online advertising. The answers are not always clear cut, and some sites work better for some and not for others, often depending on how the site ranks businesses (alphabetical or paid vs non-paid listings for example).

So is your most valuable tourism website any of the following or something else?

  • Our national tourism website newzealand.com
  • High profile tourism websites that you pay to list on like AA, Jasons and New Zealand Tourism Guide
  • Your RTO, regional and local tourism websites
  • Sector or Niche tourism websites that you specialise in e.g. luxury accommodation, B&B’s, Eco-tourism, etc
  • Instant booking websites like Wotif, Ezibed, Travelbug, Expedia and so on

Perhaps there are a few key ones, and if you don’t know then you probably should find out. It’s a good strategy to be listed on a combination of the above listed sites to ensure broad exposure, so it’s just a matter of figuring out which ones. In any case it would be great if you could share what you think works for you.